Join PRIZEY.Fetch

Briefly, what we ask of you is that you post a badge on your blog and link it to the PRIZEY.Fetch explanatory page and inform readers with each giveaway that you will be submitting winner announcements to PRIZEYWinners. What we offer is additional exposure on PRIZEY and the attention of new and casual readers to your blog to engage with your giveaways based on the convenience our service provides. You can learn more about how PRIZEY.Fetch works here.

How you choose to leverage the PRIZEY.Fetch service to benefit your blog is entirely up to you. Our suggestions include:

  • Invite readers wary of submitting an email address to enter because they can check PRIZEYWinners instead
  • Try out a blog-comment giveaway, which allows bloggers to play host or hostess to a conversation conducted in blog comments
  • If you prefer not to dedicate new blog posts to winner announcements, rely on PRIZEYWinners rather than updating old posts with winner names to reduce "no-shows" among RSS subscribers or casual and infrequent readers
  • Inform your readers about the potential for published email addresses to open entrants up to spam
Joining PRIZEY.Fetch is easy. Just grab one of the images below, link it to PRIZEYWinners, and email us at prizeyblog (at) gmail (dot) com to let us know you're up and running. We'll send you our easy-peasy email submission instructions, set you up to get past our filters, and add you to the service. If you do not know how to upload and link the image in your blog, email us and we can provide you with the full necessary html code.