What is PRIZEY.Fetch?

PRIZEY.Fetch is a resource for giveaway entrants to check for wins at their favorite giveaway hosts. The goal is to allow PRIZEY readers to enter the increasing number of great blog giveaways without the hassle of checking in on announcement dates, without the risk of missing them and forfeiting prizes they have won, and without the inconvenience or security risk of offering up personal emails in public blog comments.

For bloggers, submitting winner information to PRIZEY's Fetch service frees them to:

  • collect entries through blog comments regardless of their blogging platform's treatment of email addresses
  • reduce "no-shows" for giveaway prizes
  • offer readers additional incentive to enter their contests, knowing that they will have a central resource to check rather than a blog for each giveaway they enter
  • continue posting or communicating winner announcements in whatever additional format they choose
Participating blogs display badges designating that they submit winner info to the PRIZEY.Fetch program. PRIZEY readers can filter giveaways by their Fetch participation, ensuring a steady supply of hassle-free giveaways from a growing list of parenting, design, entertainment, and craft blogs. To sign up, become a member of PRIZEY (it's free) and ask to have instructions sent to you in the signup form. We think you'll like the additional (optional) benefits of membership!

If you find giveaways through PRIZEY, some of the blogs you frequent already participate in the PRIZEY.Fetch program. You can browse exclusively through giveaways that will report winners in to PRIZEY Winners by clicking on the "Fetch" icon shown at left and above, and you can check PRIZEYWinners for your name using the "PRIZEY.Fetch Winner Checker" search box at upper right.

As with all blog giveaways, it is recommended that you use a unique nickname or your full name when entering PRIZEY.Fetched giveaways in order to minimize the chance for multiple same-name claimants on a prize.