Meet the PRIZEY team

In addition to some contributors who post contests and giveaways from their own blogs, a core PRIZEY team wires in from all corners with great contests and giveaways every day.

Adrienne is the blogger behind Baby Toolkit, an occasional contributor to Parent Hacks and Parents magazine, and a mother of one. She throws a mean frozen baby food shower and is the MacGyver of babyproofing. She lives in Indiana.

Jennifer and Jeremiah are two-thirds of the blogging trifecta at Z Recommends, along with their three-year-old daughter and product tester, Z. They are artists and blog entrepreneurs, parent product reviewers, and hope 'n' dreamers. They live in Texas.

Lacey works as a substitute teacher and blogs about linkback-requiring contests and giveaways on her personal blog, Keeping My Fingers Crossed. She doubles as a part-time caregiver to two adorable nieces, and lives in Michigan.

Naomi is the supercharged blogger at superdumb supervillain and a mother of two. If you are the person who recently stole her digital camera at the zoo, karmic law dictates that you will never win a giveaway you found on PRIZEY. Naomi lives in Kansas.

If you're a contest blogger and would like to join the PRIZEY team, email us at prizeyblog (at) gmail (dot) com along with a link to your current blog and we will get in touch with you.