PRIZEY Eco Baby Giveaway

It's time for another PRIZEY blockbuster giveaway, and this time we rounded up some great eco-friendly baby products from Green to Grow, Satsuma Designs, The Soft Landing, HABA, and Amnesty International! Feast your eyes on the lovely and earth-safe products in this PRIZEY giveaway:

A "just right" set of BPA-free bottles from Green to Grow, complete with everything you need to start feeding your baby: Two 5-oz. and two 10-oz. bottles, regular or wideneck, and a package each of beginner (slow flow, 0-3 months), intermediate (medium flow, 3-6 months), and expert (fast flow, 6+ months) nipples, all shipped in a cute, hip, and organic Green to Grow tote. Green to Grow's PES plastic bottles are non-polycarbonate, PVC-free, and tested for lead as well, manufactured in an ISO certified factory in Taiwan for this trend-setting California startup. Retail value: $63-$66.

A 30x30" bamboo velour baby blanket from Satsuma Designs. Made of 70% bamboo fiber, 28% organic cotton and 2% polyester, bamboo velour is not just soft and sustainable, but has natural antibacterial properties. Satsuma Designs sells swaddling blankets, baby blankets, and throws made of this forward-thinking blend, as well as cashmere nursery blankets and throws. Retail value: $50.

Wooden and plush infant toys from HABA. The premiere German natural toy company has donated its cute Croo-ak and Salto wooden infant toys and its "soft stacking toy" Klettinos. Fitted with Velcro connectors, Klettinos engages children from infancy to toddlerhood with the ability to create real and fantastical animals out of its fourteen colorful, hand-washable pieces. Retail value: $12.50/$9/$30 = $51.50.

A six-month supply of Natursutten natural rubber pacifiers. Imported from Denmark by BPA-free bottle and sippy cup retailer The Soft Landing, Natursutten pacifiers are one-piece molded (like silicone pacis) and are available with orthopedic or round tips at a variety of age-specific sizes. Made in Europe and CE certified (the product meets European Union standards for safety, health and environmental impact), Natursutten pacifiers have even had the natural protein that can trigger latex allergies removed. They have no artificial colors, chemical softeners (including Bisphenol-A), parabens, PVC or phthalates. Like all pacifiers, Natursutten pacis should be replaced every 4-5 weeks, so The Soft Landing is donating six pacifiers - a six-month supply - to our lucky winner, who can select which style and sizes are appropriate for their child. Retail value: $36.

An Amnesty International "Citizen of the World" toddler tee or onesie. Sold in 12-18M and 18-24M sizes in onesie and toddler tee styles as well as in youth and adult sizes in a variety of colors, Amnesty International's "Citizen of the World" attire is just one of several statements your family can make to show your support for this crusading human rights organization. Visit the Amnesty International Shop to see them all. Retail value: $14.

To enter to win this great prize package valued at over $200, email us at prizeyblog (at) gmail (dot) com with "Eco Baby Giveaway" in the subject line, and include two things:

  • a theme idea you'd love to see in a future PRIZEY giveaway, with one company whose products you think would be a great fit for it, and
  • your mailing address (even if you've entered a past contest, because we don't store your personal info at PRIZEY)
Both elements must be present to qualify to win.

Deadline: Midnight CST Nov. 27.

Good luck, and thanks in advance to our generous sponsors!

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