PRIZEY Challenge: Win $50 For Charity From GlobalGiving

When is the last time you were able to give $50 to a charity you really believed in? We want to give you the chance to do just that by playing our GlobalGiving Challenge quiz, which we've launched in the righthand sidebar of PRIZEY.

GlobalGiving is an aid organization that sponsors projects that make a difference in the developing world. From loaning money to entrepreneurs to start small businesses to supporting women's empowerment and youth programs to fighting infectious diseases around the world, GlobalGiving operates with an astonishingly low overhead to accomplish great things and has a stellar track record of giving, so we jumped at the chance to partner with them for our first PRIZEY interactive Challenge.

Try your hand at our Challenge today, and see if you're one of the few who will be able to score a perfect seven out of seven in trivia about this great organization. If you do (and you can play as many times as you like to get there) you'll have the chance to submit your email into the drawing we'll hold in a week's time. The pool of contenders will be just a fraction of those who attempt our challenge, so your odds are good at being able to hand-pick the charitable project from GlobalGiving's impressive roster that will receive the $50 award in this challenge.

Just think, a bit of luck or skill at trivia (and maybe a visit to the GlobalGiving website) could give you the chance to make a real difference in the life of someone struggling in the developing world - to start or expand a small business, participate in a great social program, or get a good education.

Three-eyed man by an unknown artist from the Post-It Note Art Project, from a photo shared by Adrian Wallett on Flickr.