Prizey's New Submission Form

Hooray! Our new submission form is live as of a few moments ago. Pop on over to PRIZEYGo! to check it out and learn what our new premium submissions include.

If you're already signed up as a member of PRIZEY (and 95 bloggers so far, are), we have plugged your account with enough PRIZEY reward points to submit five of these premium, guaranteed giveaways with all the enhanced features our new listing model allows. We've been testing and debugging for days, but we offer these free listings to you with the understanding that we're in beta, and you're our guinea pigs. We want to hear about whatever problems you have with the new submission format - let us know at prizeyblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you haven't signed up yet, go ahead - you'll get enough PRIZEY reward points for three premium listings (they cost five PRIZEY reward points apiece). You can earn more by referring new members, and we'll have other interesting ways to earn premium giveaway listings on PRIZEY - members will hear about those opportunities if they've opted into our infrequent member mailings.

If you have sent in a submission recently but haven't seen on the blog or heard back about it, please do not resubmit it using the new system - we will clear out that queue quickly over the weekend. If you have a new submission to send in, use the new submission form - we won't be checking the prizeyblog email address for new submissions any longer.