Big changes at PRIZEY!

We've been working hard on a 2.0 edition of PRIZEY to accommodate our blog's explosive growth and to create new opportunities for giveaway bloggers. At the core of our update are two elements:

A listing submission form that allows giveaway hosts to submit detailed giveaway info to PRIZEY so we can process listings more quickly, along with an optional payment to guarantee posting, which has been requested by some giveaway hosts. This will formalize our current editorial process - listing as many giveaways as our time and editorial discretion allow - while offering security and some serious premium listing features to blogs willing to contribute to PRIZEY's budget. We'll launch this new submission form in mid-June, and will stop accepting giveaway listings via email at that time.

PRIZEY membership for bloggers, offered at no cost, offering the following benefits:

  • The opportunity to receive inquiries from PR reps looking to offer giveaways or product samples for review to blogs in specific categories, with your email address kept private unless and until you respond to a query, and total control of whether and how you are contacted
  • The chance to participate in themed giveaways coordinated by PRIZEY for increased exposure for your blog
  • Your blog linked from a rebuilt PRIZEY blogroll
  • A streamlined submission process for listings based on stored blog information
  • A reward system that can earn your blog free guaranteed giveaways, free advertising on PRIZEY, and more
For starters, we'd like to invite anyone with a blog that hosts giveaways that meet our basic submission guidelines - or who have a parent-oriented blog and would like to start offering giveaways - to sign up for free as a member of PRIZEY. We're excited to share the services we're putting finishing touches on now, and can't wait to start helping you find more and better giveaways for your blogs. Join us and be a part of a bigger and better giveaway hub!