PRIZEY Sponsor & Giveaway: Freepeats is PRIZEY's sponsor for the week, and we couldn't be happier. The new swapping service for baby gear designed by the folks at Baby Cheapskate has truly taken flight in the months since it was first announced; now serving nine cities - Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Dallas, Houston, Detroit, Chicago, and Boston - Freepeats will launch in L.A., Minneapolis and Phoenix on April 1 and Seattle, Nashville, and Cleveland on May 1.

Each city's group launches with a one-month window for free memberships. That means throughout April it will be free to sign up for L.A., Minneapolis, and Phoenix, and that free memberships are available for Detroit, Dallas, and New York until March 31. After the month of free sign-ups closes, new members pay a true cheapskate price - $4.95 for a lifetime membership and the chance to swap baby items for free. Think of it as a slightly gated Craigslist filled entirely with parents who need baby stuff you have or have baby stuff you need. Judging from the more than 3,000 members Freepeats has so far, we're guessing it's a pretty hoppin' place.

To kick off their PRIZEY sponsorship, Baby Cheapskate is holding a Freepeats giveaway. Those of you in the currently-free cities or those coming up can sign up for free, but if you're in Atlanta, DC, Philly, Chicago, Houston, or Boston, you need to scrape together the ridiculously low $4.95 to get in on the action. But! Head Cheapskate Angie wants you to drop your name in the hat for a chance at a free membership to one of these locations.

So, Atlantans, DCers, Philadelphians, Chicagoans, Houstonians, and Bostonians, take note: You have one last chance to get in on Freepeats without paying a red cent - just head over to Baby Cheapskate and enter to win a free membership. Those of you from upcoming Freepeats cities, don't let this happen to you! Sign up to find out when Freepeats will be coming to your city - they plan to add more than two dozen additional cities before the end of the year.

Deadline: Midnight EDT Mar. 31, 2008