Four great reader haikus (that didn't win our contest)

Thanks to everyone who submitted haikus for our Imagekind Haiku Contest!

PRIZEY's staff selected 17 of our favorites from the entries received, and then a panel of judges - including Adrienne of Baby Toolkit, Caryn of Rockin' Mama, Jennifer of Eco Child's Play, Laura of Oh! Baby Buy Products, Whitney from The Silly Wagon, Naomi of Superdumb Supervillain, and Stefani from teensygreen - narrowed it down to five, which readers voted on last week.

The four that didn't win the reader vote were pretty great:

Mommy needs a maid
And a shower would be nice
That too much to ask?

typical toddler
threw your block at me, then kiss!
your aim so perfect

Food processed green beans
you learned to eat with your hands
and hair, cheeks, and ears

Your pajamas shrunk...
so did the carseat, my lap,
heyyy....Wait a minute.

You can read the winner's haiku here on PRIZEYWinners, and find out why it was such a special treat for her to win this giveaway.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. We all had a blast reading your entries - you can peruse them all in the comments on this post.