PRIZEY Giveaway: Little Capers Super Force!

Ever noticed how lone superheroes, or those with single, subservient sidekicks, are so popular with angst-ridden teenagers, while super folks designed for kid consumption always travel in groups? Okay, it's a loose generalization, don't start citing counter-examples at us! What we're trying to say is that kids who can have fun pretending to be superheroes can have even MORE fun pretending to be superheroes with their siblings, friends, or some random neighborhood kids they'll be friends with after you win a set of up to four Little Capers shirt-and-cape combos or infant onesies for super kids in your life!

That's right - you, the mild-mannered parental figure, can play a small role in the formation of a mighty Super Force! that can patrol your backyard or play group, wielding yet-unspecified and probably frequently changing superpowers in their constant struggle against something you will never quite get a handle on. Here's how to enter the sweepstakes:

  • Jot down a rough list of possible inductees into your fledgling but mighty Super Force! Kids can be yours or not yours - get them for your kids' friends
  • Visit the Little Capers website and select up to four outfits and likely sizes, pairing each with one of your potential Super Force! members
  • Email that list (children's first names only, please) to us at prizeyblog (at) gmail (dot) com with "Little Capers Super Force!" in the subject line; include your full name, the list of members, the styles and sizes you'd pick for each of them (you'll have a chance to check or confirm sizes if you win), and an explanation of why you picked the styles you did for each child and/or the group
Please note!
  • Your Super Force! must have more than one member, but fewer than five. Do the super math!
  • Your entry will only be valid if you provide a brief explanation of why you think each Super Force! member would be best suited up in the style you selected for them.
  • U.S. addresses only, super peeps!
Deadline: 11:59 p.m. CST Jan. 31, 2008

Blogger Bonus: An additional Little Capers shirt-and-cape or infant onesie will be given away to a blogger who posts about our Little Capers Super Force! Sweepstakes and links to both this post and to Little Capers. The post can discuss whatever you like surrounding the concept of "super" pretend play. You could post about:
  • Your kid's imagined or real super power
  • What trait you'd love to see your child possess in "super" quantities as they grow
  • Your favorite superhero as a kid
  • Whatever else you like! Just mention our giveaway to your readers and link to this giveaway post and to the sweepstakes' sponsor, Little Capers.
Bloggers, email a link to your post to us at prizeyblog (at) gmail (dot) com with "Little Capers Blogger Bonus" in the subject line to be entered to win this bonus! Bloggers can enter both giveaways; please use the correct subject so we can find your email for the drawing!

Official rules