PRIZEY has been blessed with some rave reviews over the past month. Thanks to everyone who has shared PRIZEY with their families, friends, or readers - we are always trying to think of clever ways to show our appreciation to our readers and boosters.

Here are a few of the great things some of our readers have said about PRIZEY:

"Let's give a warm Goodyblog welcome to PRIZEY, a new blog that is devoted to giving us up to the minute info on GIVEAWAYS!!!" - Goodyblog

"You're gonna love PRIZEY. It's got serious addiction potential... You'll probably discover some awesome new blogs in the process." - Baby Cheapskate

"I don't usually plug stuff unless I'm either a user (think Trader Joe's) or see something brilliant in the concept. I think PRIZEY is brilliant." - Strollerderby

"If you like blog contests, you're about to go crazy. That's it. A simple idea with a lot of research behind it." - Thingamababy

"If you’re a deal lover (and who isn’t), then PRIZEY is for you." - Parentography

"If you haven't checked this site out, I promise it is worth your while! They weed through all of the junk and find the good stuff." - Inching Along

"This is now my official web addiction... Hey, if I'm going to waste time on the web, I might as well waste it with the possibility to win stuff!" - Miss Cheapskate

"Don't question it - just go to PRIZEY and win yourself something cool too. ... seriously, it's my new fave addiction." - Diapers, Budgets and Paint

"A blog just devoted to giveaways! And y'all know how I feel about giveaways..." - Rocks In My Dryer

"Bookmark it and check back often because there's some pretty amazing stuff up for grabs and just finding out about it is half the battle." - One Chic Mama

"Z Recommends has just launched another great project..." - Parent Hacks
All we can say is: Wow, thanks! If we didn't mention your mention, please understand that we think you really, really rock.

We will post another round of winners of our PRIZEY Patrol giveaways on Tuesday (planned for today, but a sick three-year-old intervened). Add the badge to your blog if you'd like a chance to win; if you've already had it up for a bit, we should find your link through Technorati, but if you add it this weekend, drop us an email so we have you on our drawing list - prizeyblog (at) gmail (dot) com with "PRIZEY Patrol" in the subject line. Please note that while a link, image, or mention in a post is welcome and much-loved, this prize drawing is for badges in blog sidebars.